Giving Your Shop A Beat!

Shop Beat offers a plug and play solution for audio and visual that can be fully customized to the specific needs of any location.

With complete control of the music, brand messages, jingles, adverts, staff training and more, Shop Beat will create the perfect atmosphere for customers and staff, whilst enhancing your brand and driving sales!



Select Your Sound

The sound of your shop comes to life with thelargest selection of music & voice artists.


Always Updated

All audio and visual files are stored on our uniquemedia player - No costly streaming & no downtime!


Plug & Play

Simply plug Shop Beat intoyour amplifier & internet for updates and you're live!


Engage Shoppers

Adverts and promotions aired where and when it counts.


Make It Interactive

Shop Beat interactive screens help promote your products and services.


All Under Control

Manage audio and visualmedia with our easy to use online control panel.



Hyper Local

Customise the language, music, adverts and more for your individual shops.


Control Panel

Manage and customise your in-store content from anywhere.



The Shop Beat player is ultra compact, meaning no bulky boxes and excessive wires!


Music Selection

We have one of the widest selections of music to choose from for that perfect beat.


Messages Produced

Our studio is ready to script, record and polish your very ownmessages.


Easy Installation

All you need is an internet connection, speakers and a working plug!


Engaging Visuals

Use the same media player to power your digital signage - FREE!


Staff Training

Use your radio station for training your staff while they are on the shop floor. Engage with your team with impactful results!


Be On The Right Side

Our products and services allow you to easily comply with all SAMRO and SAMPRA regulations.



Point of Sale

An eye-catching display at the point of sale, designed to promote products and impact buying decisions.


Digital Menu Boards

A digital menu board enabling the easy management and updating of menu items, prices and nutritional information.


Touch screens

Our bright and engaging interactive touch screens provide maximum interest in your businesses' products and services.


General Display Screens

Screens can be utilised for a variety of different purposes depending on your circumstances - Including displaying individual merchandise, special offers, or even high-end, promotional video content.


Video Wall

Our bespoke, high-end video wall solution. Create a totally unique customer experience, showcasing your best promotions and products.

We offer a wide-range of other digital media solutions, adaptable and expandable to your needs. Simply contact us to find out more.



Whether it's one small shop or a multinational retail chain, Shop Beat has the flexibility to meet all audio and visual requirements.

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Our world-class team works to provide a diverse range of customers with the most advanced audio and visual solutions for their businesses.

Our team members include leaders in broadcast, technology, marketing and creative fields.

We offer a quick turnaround time on support and requests. Our passionate team is here to serve you!